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Hello guys welcome to From now beside event sms(like Happy birthday sms and wishes),i will be uploading tech related stuff also in this site.My previous site has been expired so i will be adding my tech blog here on this site.Many of you are bloggers..Right? For hosting your blog hosting is important because hosting is the place where your website reside on the internet.So in this article i will be sharing my top 10 cloud hosting providers in 2019. Hosting is the main thing you shouldn’t compromise while choosing blogging as career. In this article i will be clearing your doubt about hosting and sharing the best cloud hosting providers in 2019.

Top 10 cloud hosting providers in 2019

1. What is Cloud Hosting?

Okay, so first: What is a cloud server, and how can it vary from your regular physical servers?

Cloud servers are simply virtual machines (VMs) that keep running on what’s known as a distributed computing condition. Instead of having a physical equipment server, which is vulnerable to equipment fall flat, cloud-hosting servers impart over a system of associated servers — they’re all on the web, yet none of your information is put away on your hard drive. Cloud-based servers are programming autonomous, making them a very accessible option to on-introduce servers, particularly in case need assets on interest.

Your cloud have is quite recently the specialist organization associating you to this product autonomous server arrange.


The Cloud is known for enabling us to send, store, and recover information in huge amounts, from anyplace on the planet, at some random point in time. Accordingly, there are a few advantages of cloud hosting, yet like whatever else, those advantages include some major disadvantages.

On-Demand Resources: With cloud servers, you’re allowed to ask for assets on the fly and, normally, pay for them continuously.

High Availability: Unlike physical, on-preface servers, VMs will exchange information to another machine with no downtime in case of an equipment disappointment. The steadiness of cloud servers is second to none in the hosting domain.

Scale: With more assets and quicker access to them, cloud has offer amazing scaling potential to clients. This is the reason these sorts of servers are utilized for other cloud-based administrations, altogether known as distributed computing (talked about progressively later).


Presently, for the drawbacks: Most of these hindrances can be balanced by key utilization of open and private cloud conditions (more on this further down).

Cost: The value point for this dimension of strength and scale will in general be somewhat higher than, state, VPS choices. In any case, you get what you pay for as far as assets and dependability.

Security: It’s difficult to ever feel like your private information is really kept private since you’re sharing cloud space with other cloud clients. This worry is relieved, somewhat, in the event that you pick single-inhabitant cloud facilitating as opposed to a multi-occupant cloud server.

Foundation Management: Cloud servers can be in fact requesting to keep up; you likewise must be on your diversion to guarantee you’re not running up pointless expenses because of the compensation by-the-hour liven referenced previously.

To cite Steve once more, “Dealing with a system like this is an agony in the butt,” yet for those needing on-request assets — just when you require them and dependably where you are — this can be an answer with a magnificent expense to-soundness proportion.

2. Are Cloud hosting the Same as Cloud Servers?

It’s essential to understand that there are a few cloud-based administrations out there separated from web hosting administrations. Sponsorship up your records on the web (e.g., Dropbox, Google Cloud, and so on.), web applications, and different as-a-Service contributions (SaaS, Paas, IaaS) make up what we call distributed computing. To put it plainly, distributed computing just methods a bundle of PCs are imparting handling force and information to numerous gadgets.

Cloud specialist co-ops are not really equivalent to your cloud has, similar to the people recorded on this page. This can appear to be tangled at first on the grounds that those figuring occupations are done on cloud server systems, yet consider it along these lines: You can agree to accept numerous different Internet-based assets and not have a site hosting on a server in the Cloud. Because you require cloud-based capacity, for instance, doesn’t mean you are looking for cloud fhosting. Get it?

3. What Do Cloud Computing Companies Do?

To recap, distributed computing suppliers may offer any or a significant number of the accompanying:

Reinforcement as-a-Service (online record stockpiling, reinforcement and reestablish, synchronization)

Programming as-a-Service (Microsoft 365, Google Apps, or any webmail benefit)

Stage as-a-Service (Google App Engine, Heroku, or web servers like Apache)

Framework as-a-Service (Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine, Rackspace, Windows Azure)

There are bounty other explicit instances of administrations, yet the ones recorded above are a portion of the more outstanding portrayals of the as-a-Service models of distributed computing. Much like the web hosting end of things, the advantages of distributed computing incorporate quick access to huge amounts of information at whatever point, wherever.

4. Are There Types of Cloud Hosting Services?

Truly — much like web hostingg administrations can be separated into shared, vps, and committed choices, the Cloud is isolated: open and private. Here, we’ll likewise get into what’s called half and half hosting and how cloud hosting fits in with its ordinarily confounded sidekick, VPS facilitating.

Private versus Open Cloud

The principle contrast between people in general and private cloud segments is the last methods the equipment, stockpiling, and system are altogether assigned to a solitary occupant — one customer or organization. Interestingly, a multi-occupant condition, or the general population cloud, implies that you can purchase a “cut” of a distributed computing condition and offer space with different clients.

The Google Cloud stage, Amazon EC2, and Rackspace are for the most part instances of open mists — and the advantages incorporate pay-as-you-go valuing, getting the opportunity to set up and deal with your very own servers, and no agreements. Private mists, then again, offer the benefits of PCI/HIPAA consistence, abnormal state security, and equipment customization. You can likewise breed cross breed arrangements by means of the private cloud, which isn’t possible in people in general cloud.

Hybrid cloud

Put just, half and half facilitating is utilizing a blend of open and private facilitating conditions — i.e., perfect for the individuals who need to outfit the security of the private cloud while profiting by the sparing advantages of open cloud assets.

For additional on this, look at our manual for beginning with mixture facilitating.

VPS Cloud

At long last, virtual private server (VPS) facilitating versus virtual machine (cloud) facilitating — know the distinction. While a VPS is a physical server that has been divided into various equipment cuts each going about as autonomous server situations, a cloud server is running on a system of associated machines. A VPS is as yet subject to equipment disappointment, though a cloud web server will simply exchange information to another machine without the proprietor encountering downtime or information misfortune.

All things considered: A VPS can be facilitated in the Cloud, making it a cloud VPS, yet not all cloud servers are VPSs. To see the best VPS facilitating plans, including many driving cloud choices, look at our VPS audits.

5. What Should You Look For In A Hosted Cloud Platform?

The best cloud facilitating suppliers will enable you to exploit every one of the upsides of cloud facilitating — moment provisioning; adaptable, on-request assets; and adaptable equipment choices — for a sensible expense.

A portion of the best highlights we search for in deciding the best facilitating administrations for cloud clients:

Moment provisioning/sending

A heavy measure of RAM

Simple control with cPanel, root access, and SSH logins

Execution promoters like SSD speed

Overseen cloud facilitating choices

With regards to debut client bolster, SSD speed boosting, and oversaw servers, InMotion is especially extraordinary at all of the abovementioned.

6. What is the Average Cloud Server Pricing?

You can pay somewhere in the range of $15 to more than $50 every month on a trustworthy cloud host’s server.

Best cloud hosting providers in 2019

We have talked about the information regarding cloud hosting above.Now i think your doubt has been cleared regarding cloud hosting .Now let’s get into the point regarding best cloud hosting providers in 2019.

#01 Amazon web services (AWS)

Do you know amazon aws has been the one of the best cloud hosting provider in 2019?

Indeed, it is. Incidentally, Amazon was among the first to enter the cloud administrations business. Amazon has been a main Infrastructure-as-a-Service supplier from that point onward.

All highlights of AWS can be categorized as one of four classes. These are Compute, Storage, and Content Delivery, Databases and systems administration. Would you like to go for top of the line administrations? In this administration, you can control each of the four with administrator controls available through a protected web customer. Simply joining with Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can without much of a stretch arrange the security and observing of your webpage.

AWS gives you a greater number of alternatives than any other person in the cloud business. Whatever you require, you can discover here. Need a database the board framework (DBMS)? You will discover a choice here. Look at Amazon Aurora. This is a MySQL-good social database benefit.

Do you want to store terabytes or even a petabyte of information into the cloud? Snowball will encourage you. Need a backend for your new Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets? AWS begins giving IoT administrations and it is presently in beta. This likewise covers AI innovation.

Need machine learning? Amazon SageMaker will encourage you. There are additionally a few different administrations with respect to machine learning.

To state to be honest, there is no settled evaluating for the cloud benefit. Your evaluating will contrast from administration you have taken. Amazon additionally gives a number cruncher from which you can compute the aggregate sum you need to pay for your administrations. The designs are very exorbitant, however it legitimized when contrasted with the administrations it offers.

Best cloud hosting providers

Try not to lose your expectation. Amazon has an astonishment for you. Amazon gives free AWS administrations to one year.

For the assistance of clients, Amazon gives knowledgebase and video arrangement. These useful materials assist you with finding out the majority of your questions.

The client bolster is inconceivable. You can get client benefit by means of live talk, email, or telephone constantly. The master bolster group will settle every one of your inquiries and gives you fitting recommendations.

To state honestly there are no cloud specialist co-ops that can give benefits when contrasted with AWS.

#02 Digitalocean

Digitalocean is a standout amongst other cloud hosting providers in 2019. DigitalOcean has rapidly turned out to be a standout amongst the most well known cloud hosting providers.

It does as such due to their cloud servers straightforwardness, powerful and dependable foundation and shoddy costs.

With a client base of more than 550,000 designers, they are a standout amongst the most trusted and dependable stages in the business.

DigitalOcean enables you to make, robotize, and deal with a hearty cloud server framework. It likewise offers the out of box highlights like gliding IP addresses, Tier-1 transmission capacity, group accounts, shared private systems administration and SSD (strong state drive) hard drives come as standard.

There are right now 8 focuses over the world situated in the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Netherlands, U.K., Germany, and India.

There are a great deal of evaluating plans accessible. The most fundamental designs begin at $5. The best thing about the DigitalOcean is, all designs accompany strong state drives (SSD) as standard. You will discover an arrangement that fits for you. You can discover the estimating plans of DigitalOcean here. Each bundle accompanies a pack of extra highlights.

Indeed, even the valuing system is exceptionally basic. You are charged for your real use. This implies no overabundance cash spending on unused hours. This is something worth being thankful for.

The designs accompany month to month tops. The month to month tops guarantee that you’ll never surpass the most extreme spending assets, paying little heed to what number of beads are created.

On the off chance that you confounded about what is beads is, realize that, DigitalOcean alludes to servers as “beads.”

With regards to a client audit, this one additionally stops. DigitalOcean dependably gives genius dimension of client bolster for their clients.

In the event that you are looking for the best cloud facilitating suppliers in 2019 at a sensible value, at that point this might be a decent alternative for you.

#03 Cloudways

Cloudways is additionally a known name in this industry and best cloud hosting providers in 2019. The greater part of the general population know this for an alternate leave.

Cloudways gives moderateness and extraordinary usefulness to the cloud-based oversaw WordPress facilitating. Cloudways enables you to make a WordPress web server application easily, alongside other regularly utilized applications.


Their stage as-a-benefit cloud servers accompany incredible highlights It will assist you with scaling facilitating assets as your site develops. Their framework is extraordinarily improved for execution, speed, and security.

You may have pondered that how Cloudways gives this dimension of administrations to cloud-based oversaw WordPress facilitating? Cloudways has your site on a solitary server and makes numerous duplicates of your substance. It will be imitated all through your picked server farms.

In case you’re moving your site from one host to different hosts, Cloudways will deal with your site movement. You don’t need to stress over it.

Its auto-recuperating highlight settle any issues in the site and bringing down the danger of your site slamming. It likewise offers a bundle of extra highlights in each cloud facilitating bundles.

Cloudways permits arranging the details of your ideal server appropriate from the facilitating control board.

Cloudways works with four cloud specialist organizations. It incorporates Google Compute Engine, Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean and Vultr. When you have chosen a cloud supplier of your decision, at that point you can design your server.

The best thing about the Cloudways is, It enables you to make virtual machines and applications without lotting of documents and web servers and contact a solitary direction in Linux (OS). The best part is that it enables you to choose your very own facilitating specialist co-op for every one of your virtual machines and effectively scale your task immediately.

The estimating shifts with the cloud specialist co-op you pick. You can check the valuing of Cloudways. The most essential arrangement begins at $10/mo.

The help from Cloudways is simple. You can contact the help group by means of live talk, telephone call, or email. Past that, you can discover answers of your quires like charging, deals, or specialized inquiries on their help page. It additionally gives knowledgebase articles and addressed FAQs. One can discover the greater part of the inquiries here.

#04 Vultr

Vultr is likewise the best cloud hosting providers in 2019. On the off chance that you are superior SSD cloud servers, this one for you.

Vultr gives superior SSD cloud servers so it puts a worldwide impression. Its fundamental thought process is to give the most dependable and effective administration.

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Vultr is rapidly well known for its quick SSD cloud server. Vultr offers 100% strong state drives (SSD). This uses the most recent age Intel CPUs and an alluring control board. You can pick between 14 low inertness areas around the globe so you can get your cloud server occasion spun up in 60 seconds.

Like alternate individuals in this rundown, for example, Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, Cloudways, Vultr likewise gives superior SSD cloud servers that gloat a worldwide impression.

Something that makes Vultr separated from other is its adaptable choices at a lower value level. These alternatives are reasonable for individual business visionaries and private companies.

Something set Vultr separated. I.e is its adaptable alternatives at a lower value level. These choices are speaking to even little scale clients like individual business visionaries and private ventures.

I like the greater part of its control board. As you may realize that the control board is a key part of any cloud benefit. Vultr’s control board is uncommonly worked with the client require.

You can introduce numerous highlights with only a single tick. This spared a great deal of time so you can focus on increasingly essential issues. Another amazing element is the committed IP addresses. It tends to be modified.

Right now, Vultr offers four unique sorts of hosting alternatives. Vultr Cloud Compute (VC2), Bare Metal Simplified, Block Storage and Dedicated Instances. The most fundamental arrangement begins at $2.50/mo.


Vultr gives incredible client bolster. You can discover numerous FAQs and accommodating posts on their site.

You can likewise contact the client care colleagues straightforwardly through email, ticketing or web based life.

There is additionally an online network. You can discover it at Vultr Discuss. This is additionally extremely accommodating to increase some additional hosting providers

#05 Bluehost

Bluehost is a standout amongst the most confided in names in the hosting business. It is known at its minimal effort and helpful shared hosting. Do you realize that Bluehost likewise considered as a real part of the best cloud hosting providers in 2019?

Bluehost is likewise the official suggestion of WordPress.

The highlights incorporate Cloud Sites naturally conveys three reflected duplicates of your information over different gadgets. It guarantees the security and assurance.Blue host is on of the best  cloud hosting providers

So that’s it for this article i hope you love my collection of best cloud hosting providers in 2019





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