Basic principle of human development is creative. These two basic tendencies can be called basis of progress due to ghost cause. Otherwise, in comparison to many other creatures, its backwardness is clear. Mental development is the result of cooperation, otherwise the creatures of thousands of castes are ahead of them and compete in many capacities in terms of cleverness and skill.

The cooperative tendency was to create a clan jointly, create a family, structure the society, increase production, set up the system and established the rule. How many speed-measures have been created for security, agriculture, industry, education, rituals etc. Many sources of knowledge emerged, can be called a grant of co-operation, humor, art, religion, spirituality, language, literature etc.

Such well-developed tendencies of creation and are not found in any creature as in humans. Other creatures are able to give the impression of this tendency in border of building their habitat, but humans have made many types of creation ahead of the body. Works like language, literature, music art are not such that without which their daily subsistence cannot be completed. By invoking the small inventions of science, engage in research purposes, he has discovered the microcosm of nature and has moved from place to place in the water and in the sky. The rugged terrain of the primitive period is embellished like a picturesque garden today. Human labor and skill have been planned only to preserve the beauty of nature and to give it the present status of granting many donations like treasury. Many such areas like industry, business, social governance, education, arts, science, communication, vehicles have reached the high peak of progress which was not even known in primitive period. Then his imagination was not possible. This can all be said to be miracle of human creation power.

In order to understand this fact, we should think emotionally with the internal state of human body.

It is forgotten to understand that person is enough of one. All his attributes rest on organization of co-operation. In fact, it is a group of components of many organs of cells and pulse fibers. If one of these components becomes busy, then seeing what looks strong, the skin becomes weakened by the disease and diseases.

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