The tendency to adhere to the rule of society has given rise to stability and orderliness. The foundations of language, art, culture, religion, spirituality, education, governance, justice, science, crafts industry, medical, traffic etc. that make world well developed are foundation of human progress. Their invention and development were only possible when people resolved to make a concerted effort in this direction, and the benefits of their accomplishments were given to their fellow and heirs in the hands of other persons. If this was not possible, it would have never been possible for humans to be able to achieve the wisdom that is proud of. In an undeveloped situation, we had to live in the condition of wild animals, if there was no human animal born with divine boon of cooperative tendency.

Caste, nation, society, family, extent to which they are organized, becomes capable of same proportion, they are successful and see progress, they are happy and they receive credit. If only the lonely person will be able or capable, then only one will be there. The ability of one is definitely flexible. Group formed by matching makes itself progressive in form of specific and capable power and succeeds in proving major purposes. This fact can be deemed to be a good way to break a page in the history of human history. Other facts in the countless developments of uplift and decadence will also be seen in their work, but highest priority would be to what extent the propensity to cooperate in the people. Non-cooperation poisoning can be seen anywhere in form of collapse and defeat.

Lord Rama and Krishna have presented many incarnations of public education in front of people with incarnation. Their primary rendering is of the organization itself. Lord Ram won the Lanka. Major contributions were made to the reeds, apes. It was told in this verse that if the judiciary gets organized, then the quantity of power and the power can be overcome, but victory over the giant forests can be overcome. Likewise, Lord Krishna prepared gem-hair while preparing mountain of Govardhan and was prepared to make a meaningful contribution to that purpose. Only one person can be successful in fulfilling the great purpose, there must be organized mass power behind him. This is the exact conclusion of case of Govardhana lifting.

Pandavas were full-fledged, Krishna was not even less powerful. Nevertheless, Bhagirath efforts have been made in the Mahabharata to mobilize a rival army equivalent to a large army of Kurus. Emotional people across the world were agreed to cooperate with the Justice Party. In comparison to non-political parties, Mahabharata was possible only by creating an almost equally pro-active army. If only Krishna and Pandavas started fighting, then war would have been possible, but the important purpose of understanding the power of the organization through the Mahabharata is not complete. Organization of people needs more than even an evil one. Without him, the dreams of peace and progress cannot come true.

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