Many of you guys are probably thinking of how I created my domain that is So, today in this article we will learn how can we do it.

The first step is to go to and fill up the required information. In domain name fill the domain which meets your name, in Company Name you can leave blank, in full name given name which is in your citizenship, in email enter a valid email so you can contact them, in Contact number and mobile number add your two numbers, and an address section you can add the address which you are currently living on.

In domain name, if you are registering for personal issue use the letters that are in your name. And fill up your information and in name servers you should put name servers of the hosting. After that in upload, section upload your scanned copy of citizenship and name it and again upload another file of a format mentioned below.

After doing this click on Request button. And call mercantile in office hour at 01-4445920, 01-4440773. And they will guide you through further process but before call send digitally written form of same application to [email protected] and you are good to go. Your site will be registered under 24 hours or less. And in our coming tutorials we will provide you how we can get the hosting for absolutely free of cost and through which you can establish your own business or website. Thank You.

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