Nepali understudies wishing to seek after MPhil and PhD degrees in Buddhist Universities of Myanmar would be offered full grant.

Authorities at Myanmar-based colleges have guaranteed that grant could be given to MA understudies moved on from Nepal’s Lumbini Buddhist University on any themes of Buddhism at its suggestion.

It is shared that different colleges in Myanmar, including Prasidda University, State Pariyati Shashan University, Yangon, International Buddhist Theravada Missionary University Yangon and State Pariyati Shashan University Mandale would give grant to Nepali understudies keen on doing exploration and thesis on Buddhist religion.

The authorities of colleges in Myanmar have made the confirmations in course of connection with Nepali designation headed by Chief of Central Campus of Lumbini Buddhist University, Fanindra Neupane.

A nation with a dominant part of Buddhists, Myanmar has agreed high significance to Theravada Buddhist instructing from essential to college level training.

Neupane shared that confirmations were made to offer grant positions to Nepali understudies keen on seeking after advanced education and PhD in Myanmar colleges having worldwide insurance and financing.

Minister at International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University Yangon Prof Dr Nandamalavibhamsa, Rector priest Dr Kumar of State Pariyati Shashan University and Vice Rector at Mandale-based State Pariyati Shashan University Yana Lingra Pawansa swore to offer grants to Nepali qualified understudies.

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