The origin of a human being is similar to God’s will or coincidence. We do not know whether there is any kind of life in nitrogen? But there is no such deception in relation to man. Seeing powers, facilities, and powers available to him, he instinctively believes that his birth has been born for a particular purpose. Make no goal without making a man wander around like a pest (asteroids), you too Dies and creates a crisis for others. Even if a person who lives in a planned life cannot fulfill his spiritual goal, he also hurts others without hurting himself, he gives benefit of his advancement to friends with similar ideology.

Punch-fired nitrogen (nitrogen pentaoxide) is mixed into water to form acetic acid (nitric acid). Those who have to do some service in the world, do not lose their strength in fear or conflict in the circumstances, but whoever meets them, they get some kind of goodness and increase their power and fulfill their purpose. Like all the wishes of attaining the virtuous man, earth absorbs acid (nitric acid) of this short (nitric acid). Earth is not an object, matter or metal, it is also a combination of many mineral salts and metals.

Acetic acid of sour reacts with salts found in Earth, becomes nitrate salts. So much of nitrogen is used to reach surface of Earth. The great men receive the trust of the smallest person to give thanks to the world, and then by entering into their interaction, they are able to help in development of seeds of their characteristics, and this cognition comes naturally from this state of nitrogen.

Roots of plants are near this time, they nitrogen pulls from nitrogen salts in same way, as intelligent people come in contact with a great man, after reading the nuances of their nature, they take on their own lives and their ability, importance and Raise the utility. Benefits of nitrogen, pulled from nitrate salts, do not increase their thickness, but in same way, men and women, as well as the benefits of wealth, wealth, tenacity and qualifications, give to the body, in the same way, roots have all the tree-stems, dals, leaves And it keeps on reaching fruits and flowers.

Humans die but their body is never destroyed due to their truth, if the truth is asked, the bodies of great men are made of non-bodily qualities and are used for birth and birth, nitrogen, which leaves, fruits, flowers, twigs It had been taken, even if they were dry. The leaves fall into the earth due to drying or going green by animals. In second stage, when it is not suitable for body, it comes out in form of ammonia through stool-urine. Even after death, he comes out of animal body, even in first stage, he comes to earth and falls apart.

In times of disgrace, people often become helpless because they stop pulling their hands and feet and invite destruction, but nitrogen does not lose patience even in such a state. From outside, it seems that leaves have dried up and nitrogen is finished, but it does not happen, they keep searching for their support in this uneven condition. ‘Search for’ Tin Pai ‘, which is very fable, dropped rainwater and turned nitrogen into ammonia nitrate or nitrate salts. Like the many colleagues of the suspicious person, a second bacteria called denitrifying is met, and it turns ammonia nitrate or nitrate salts into nitrogen and thus merges in nitrogen rehearsal (atmosphere).

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