Every body of our body is a free human seed, in which all gross and conscious actions of man exist. The ‘cell’ breathes, eats, drinks, walks, fears, protects, runs away, extinguishes feces. ‘Amoeba’ is a cellular organism. When its nucleus divides into two parts, then they become two amoeba, and both begin to feel the same actions and senses in their own way. The two divisible amoeba are the same as the two distinct properties of Amoeba Spirit (nucleus). And for example, when two amoeba experiences depletion in its power, then they become one amoeba from each nucleus (nucleus) to a nucleus (nucleus), in which case it experiences power of newborn amoeba. .

Bizarre organs of human body are born from same ‘sperm’. According to need of place, they change their shape to make the brain, heart, liver, spleen, nerves, muscles etc. but they know that they are all children of the same father while raising responsibilities of work in different situations. And that is why they keep abreast of love, compassion, cooperation, empathy, labor, collectivism etc. This is why the body is stable.

The way many people make up the body together (about 2 billion), in same way many people from society, society, country and world are made. Due to the position of the place and the variation of the climate, the difference in color, but in spite of being different, all are part of the same soul. Assuming that those who follow the body’s cohesion spirit, they do virtue to increase world peace and follow God’s laws, which contrary to them, nature imposes punishment upon them. The arrangement of creation on this subtle justice system exists so far. If the virtues of love, kindness, generosity, compassion, etc. would have ended, then the universe would have ended.

The manner in which man-body performs human virtues is very interesting. If a deep study of internal physiology (Physiology) is done then it will come to know that the qualities that make the person and the society happy and balanced, have been extracted from milk by the way of removing bad.

For example, take cooperation and sympathy. Humans can be so hard heart that their brother, his neighbor, should be silent by seeing the suffering and the suffering situation, but members of our body are not such heartless. It is their life to interact and mutually support others. For example, if one kidney becomes spoiled as it occurs during stone disease, then good kidneys handle all the burden of the second victim’s kidneys as long as it does not cure its pain, but in the ordinary action of the body there is no difference will let you come

Arteries transmit blood to the body. Younger people also live with adults and then they do not know any particular importance as some thin arteries continue to exist with large arteries. Humans can harass, exploit and oppress their little ones, but the arteries know the importance of small creatures too, so they nourish the thin arteries too. If any artery is cut, then in that case, the thin arteries (Anastomoses) bloom along the blood stream and add further and circulation of blood remains simple until wound is good. The front part continues to work. Even if not, thin arteries (Anastomoses) work lifelongly.

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