The principle of ‘more benefit of more people’ is also in the field of spirituality, religion, and philosophy. By keeping a vision of seeing everyone and everyone in your own way, the person’s personality becomes more and more developed and refined. The name of reaching the peak of self-expansion is presented in the attractive names of self-realization, divine philosophy, life-saving or goal achieving, along with figurative interpretations. The more important the importance of the organization and the sooner it can be understood. In the form of ‘Sangha-Shakti Kalowayog’, it is said that in this age, the world’s largest, the most powerful force of man is the organization. Those who try harder for him will be happy, and whoever disobeys it, will keep his repentance powdered. Narrative, the disciplinarian or the animal will have to become a scourge of destiny just like the undesirable elements of creation. They will not be corrupted either by falling into a pit of collapse and defeat.

The eternal truth of the organization should be given even more priority these days. The solutions that are being sought to solve the complex problems and problems of the world presented by human society are inadequate. Only success will be possible only by solving the problem of human unity. The progress of science and science has made the world so small that it has never been before. Events that occur in any corner of the world now affect the whole world. Accelerated vehicles have made years of hiking for a few hours. Countries are dependent on each other in areas such as industry, business, education, arts, and crafts. Arab countries do not buy or sell other countries, if they sell their sale, then the result will be fierce for both parties. The same thing applies in relation to other exchanges.

Now on the day of imperialism, colonialism, totalitarianism, The public consciousness has become so strong that it will not be tolerated by the public to impose these incidents by vested interests. Similarly, the rebellion against non-violence was no longer possible to be suppressed by the military force. These experiments are successful only until public awareness and manpower do not arise. In these days, the trenches have become so wide between the backward and the advanced sections that their progress will not be able to drown the human progress so far.

After the blood becomes deformed, itching in the body increases the number of scabies-itching, boils, and blisters. There is no work to do with fungus medicines. Even before one gets better, other new shoots come up. Attempts are being made to solve various problems of the world in front of the world today with different measures. Health care, education promotion, livelihood production, weapon military etc. are being given universal attention. Many schemes are thought, created and executed, but the result is not equal to the result. Buggles get more confused than the solutions they solve. Extra current is more likely to appear in place of lightness. Without resolving the deformity of the blood, the rise of the fungicides will not stop. Look at the root cause of the plight, without going without problems will go away even more intensively.

The era has made amazing progress in the physical field. It is an authentic fact. But this is like this, as one hand is to be one leg thick and the other is thin. The spiritual element of association should also be developed from this sequence. The area of affinity-unity should be increased by this ratio. The benefit of balanced progress can be achieved in the same situation.

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